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    Author Spotlight:  Irene Baron

    Hi everyone,
    Just wanted to give a shout out to all authors out there who keep plugging away and staying with it. I know from experience that writing a book can be just as draining as digging ditches or something equally strenuous. Except one might think that ditch diggers often get more kudos than one does with ones writing.
    For the first issue I would like to spotlight one of our great supporters: Author of Mindreacher, Irene Baron (@Baron1Irene)

    Irene Baron was born in Cleveland and grew up in Zanesville, Ohio. She graduated from Hiram College(BA) and Ohio University(MA). As an Information Specialist with Battelle Memorial Institute, she was assigned four years to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Advanced Research Projects Agency, Research & Development Center in Thailand where she directed Mekong River aerial photography and contributed to the Top Secret counterinsurgency book, “Mekong River Project” during the Vietnam War. She uses her extensive world travel and counterinsurgency experiences to write the popular “Mindreacher” thriller series.
    Irene Baron was the first person in history to use NASA astronomy programs to identify the Christmas star. Her first nonfiction book, “Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery,” won the Illumination Book Award, First Place Gold Medal, as the 2013 Exemplary Christian Education Book of the year. In 2019, she was awarded the Third Place Bronze Medal for her book, “Mary Knew - A Biography of Mary from Ancient Scriptures.” It was named the Exemplary Christian Biography of the year from the Jenkins Foundation.
    Irene was selected as the “2020 Top International Female Writer” by the International Association of Top Professionals for her outstanding leadership and commitment to the industry. She was awarded the “2020 Marquis Who’s Who Annual Achievement Award” for her continued outstanding achievements. A listing of her additional awards may be found at www.irenebaron.com.
    For over 30 years, Irene taught high school science and forensics in the United States and Germany. A graduate of Hiram College(BA) & Ohio University(MA), she was awarded four fellowships for graduate Earth Science studies by the National Science Foundation. She currently resides in Ohio with her daughter. Read more at www.irenebaron.com and www.mindreacher.net.
    We sat down with Irene a while back and conducted the following interview:

    Please tell me little something about your Art: What makes your Art unique? My art is unique in that it is original. I do not copy from photographs or other artists which amazes others. They can’t understand how someone can create a painting without copying. Because I studied art 2-3 hours a week beginning in 3rd grade when my artwork won a city contest, I have learned how to create original work. When people have seen my church mural of the holy family, they are astounded. Groups as large as 20 persons have driven in from other cities to see it and photograph it, exclaiming while they do so.
    How long have you been doing this? I began my art lessons at the Zanesville Art Institute (now Zanesville Museum of Art) at age 8. I sold my first oil painting at age 12.
    Are you able to do this full time? No. I spend most of my time writing books. I wrote Unraveling the Christmas Star Mystery which was awarded a gold first place medal as the top Christian Education Book of 2013. My second book was a historical narrative about Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. It was awarded a bronze medal for being an exemplary Christian Biography of 2019. The first book of the MINDREACHER thriller series, “Mindreacher.” was published in 2019. I am looking for reviewers for “Mindreacher.” I have been working on an illustrated Angel Alphabet Book as time permits. All work is original and based on Bible scriptures.
    What motivates you? What motivates me are the opportunities and directions I have been given throughout my life. I feel I have been guided to achieve all that I have accomplished. To have that recognized by the Marquis Who’s Who by being awarded their 2020 annual outstanding achievement recognition verified I am on track. I was also motivated when selected as the Top Female Writer of 2020 by the International Association of Top Professionals, On my www.irenebaron.com website is a page dedicated to the awards and honors I have received during my life. Each one motivated me to do more.
    What is your passion? I have many passions. They include gourmet cooking, writing, being an author, researching information, my artwork and family. My award-winning blogs and award-winning website have been passions and fun. People call to tell me they are addicted to my blogs and can’t stop reading them. That makes me laugh. I actually have blog groupies for my blogs at www.irenebaron.com.
    How has twitter helped your career (if at all): Twitter has introduced me to phenomenal achievers across the spectrum of occupations and interests. They provide much knowledge. As an Information Specialist, I appreciate that. I feel honored to be followed by some of the most kind and compassionate people I’ve ever known but never met in person. Most are like extended family. They are blessings in my life.
    What’s the best thing about doing what you do? I am able to help others in many ways. The 6’ X 11’ acrylic Christmas mural and multiple banners I made for my church enrich the sanctuary. Church members have often told me how they enjoyed seeing my artwork. As a multiple award winning science teacher, I have touched thousands of lives. Students traveling cross-country will take time out to stop in Ohio to come visit to let me know how I impacted their lives. The astronomy club I founded in 2013, a NASA NIght Sky Network affiliate, now has over 300 supportive members. When I hear a 13-year old boy say being at an astronomy event was the most exciting night of his life, I am cheered.
    What the worst?:The worst thing about doing what I do is not having the cash to purchase services of a publicist for my books. How can people find my books if they don’t hear about them? I try to do what I can on Twitter, Facebook, in book stores, talks, etc.
    Do you believe in Bigfoot? I leave that option open until I see more proof.
    Copy and email results to: overlordsvcs@gmail.com

    Award-Winning Author & Speaker
    P.O. Box 1203, Zanesville, OH 43702
    Email: irenebaron@irenebaron.com